Sunday, June 13, 2010

Traveling and Arriving in D.C.!

After a drive to St. Louis from Jefferson City, we unloaded thousands of pounds of luggage to board the plane - bound for D.C.

When we landed we were quickly greeted by our two amazing bus drivers, Mr. Smitty and Mr. D. From out the bus window we saw several sights along the way, including the Washington Monument, White House and Jefferson Memorial.

We stopped at the Old Post Office for some dinner. We also took an elevator up to a observation tower in which we could see all of D.C. and then some.

After our tasty meal, we stopped at the Jefferson Memorial. Took some photos, traded some pins and even saw a guy propose to a gal. WOW!

As the sun set, we walked around the FDR Memorial, which included several waterfalls and amazing pieces of art carved into bronze and granite.

We then arrived at the Hilton, our home for the next few days.

Shortly after we all quickly fell asleep.

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