Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're here!

The 2008 Youth Tour delegates have safely landed in Baltimore! We are now on the buses, headed to our hotel in Washington, D.C.  Lots of smiles from the "first time" flyers.  The bus drivers said they would swing by the Capitol to see it lit up at night.  Then it is on to the hotel for some late night pizza, and some sleep!  As the tour director, I can't thank our students enough for a great travel day!  What a great group! 

YLC finalists named

The Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives named the six finalists for the 2008 Youth Leadership Council representative. The six were announced at the Youth Tour Delegate Banquet, June 13, at the Truman Hotel in Jefferson City.

The six finalists include, from left:
Emily Brundick of Three Rivers Electric Cooperative, Sara Miller of Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative, Alexandria Witt of Crawford Electric Cooperative, Heather Main of Macon Electric Cooperative, Ashley Perryman and Danielle White, both of Webster Electric Cooperative.

The finalists will undergo an interview process in Washington, D.C., where the final representative will be named.

We won!!!

Teaching first graders electricity!!!! 
Talk about fun ;-) 

we created a great power plant to send elec to our check-box house. Fully equipped with a magnet, coil, and wind-blown lines. We even had a sweet dog named josh. great name. His owner's name was Billy. Another great name lol

Mr. Mike gave a great little talk about elec coops after and we learned even more. 
He told us about how the coops create electricity. 
Had a great time. 
laughs all around 

My creation mates: Sarah Stokes, Jordan Hammond, Tessa McCormack, Taylor Walters, April Kiehl, Josh Kroese, Chris Riley

YT Delegates learn about co-ops

Right now, we're judging groups that have created models to explain how the co-op gets electricity gets to your home.  Each group had to explain the process as though they are talking to a first grade classroom. 

Friday, June 13, 2008

2008 Youth Tour kicks off

The Missouri Electric Cooperatives kicked off the 2008 Youth Tour on Friday, June 13, at the Truman Hotel in Jefferson City. Mike Marsch, director of member services for the Association of Missouri Electric Co-ops, welcomed 84 delegates from 27 cooperatives across Missouri. The students -- all seniors in high school -- got to know each other a little better through a icebreaker activity.

On Saturday morning, the delegates will learn more about electric cooperatives before packing up the buses and heading for St. Louis to catch a plane to Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Check out the Lewis & Clark Plaza

Youth Tour Delegates,

When you get to Jefferson City on Friday for the 2008 Youth Tour banquet and orientation, be sure to take a few minutes and check out the brand new Lewis and Clark Monument Trailhead Plaza. It's just east of the Capitol building, and features five bronze statues depicting Lewis, Clark, York (Clark's slave), George Drouillard, the Corps of Discovery's French-Shawnee scout, and Seaman, the Newfoundland dog that accompanied the corps.

The monument is on the northwest corner of Jefferson Street and Capitol Ave. You won't be disappointed!