Thursday, August 7, 2008


Summer is over now........ we have less than a week left for some and others its already over... we are all going back to school and finishing our 12 year commitment to education. Yet as school approaches it makes me think about the trip over a month and a half ago....... we truly had the time of our life and i hope that school does not seperate us and that we all keep in touch. Life is far too short to put off friendships and chances to keep in touch. Anyway this summer for me has been crazy full of planning and thinking about college and my life after high school. I cant believe i am graduating this year..... i just never believed this day would was always in the distance but now..... We're Seniors! We are the top of the school and we are the preparing for the future! It is going to be a crazy year and i hope you all share my hope that we see each other again and keep in touch because i felt strong connections with you all and even though our houses and schools are far apart i know and hope we will get together again