Thursday, July 8, 2010

Changing of the Guard Video

Changing of the guard - Arlington National Cemetery from Kyle Spradley on Vimeo.

Missouri Electric Youth Tour 2010. Visit to Arlington National Cemetary. Changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sorry Note

I'm truly sorry for not blogging on the trip. The time was very limited and I decided to write it all down on paper. I should have all of the days listed by Monday, but until then please enjoy my short memories from the trip.

These are life lessons I will never forget:

1. Molly is afraid of squirrels
2. Don't let Kate go shopping alone(lol) I won't tell Kate's Secret...
3. John is bald, but it is his choice to be that way. jk
4. Don't let Joe near people with cameras. Photo Bombs will happen
5. Love your roommates as much as you love yourself!
7. Do Not follow random men into electronic stores. They will want you to buy headphones!
8. Don't let teenagers sing...ever!
9. Bring your poncho everywhere.
10. Make sure you can hear the man with the silly hat! (HEY MIKE!)
11. To spend wisely is always a good choice!
12. Time on the bus = MAFIA!

I'll clarify these lessons later. Who knows, I could be missing some, but so far thats what I have.


p.s. It was so much harder to say goodbye than I expected!

Thank you!!!!

This was truly the trip of a life time. I enjoyed every moment. I made so many wonderful friends. I loved the history and touring, and meeting our leaders. To the chaperones, thank you so very much for helping make this trip possible. I loved meeting each of you. To the AMEC and Intercounty Electric, thank you. I appreciate this opprotunity, and I hope that we can all stay in touch. You are all wonderful.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Trip of a Lifetime!

Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to begin. It is absolutely amazing to me that a trip like this is even offered to people my age. Our co-op are pretty flippin' awesome I must say. Thank you Mike Marsch for being a wonderful fearless leader and teaching me that the pentagon ALWAYS has five sides and is ALWAYS on the left :) Thanks to all of the chaperones and co-ops and everyone else who made this trip possible. This was my first trip to D.C. and I assure you it will not be the last. It was everything that I expected and more. This was probably the best trip I have ever been on. It was the full package: awesome chaperones, new friends, FREE....did I mention it was free? But I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this wonderful experience and I can't wait to share my memories with my school!

Richelle Pettit

Our last day :(

Trying to beat out the rain we took group photos on Capitol Hill. We then split up into groups and met with our state representatives. This was an amazing experience! Really exciting to be able to ask questions and find out who is representing us in D.C.

Some of the groups then toured the Capitol building, Supreme Court or Library of Congress. Had lunch at Union Station before getting back on the bus to head back to our hotel.

After a quick change, it was time for the All-States Dance where we spent the evening dancing and having fun with all the 1,500+ other delegates from across the country. Before off to bed, our chaperons treated us with a pizza party.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back home

Hey everybody! We just left the St.Louis airport for home. I had tons of fun. I'm ready to get home. I'm going to miss everybody and the view in DC. Thanks to our cooperatives, chaperones, and bus drivers on the way for everything.
Hannah Tuttle

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:Rider Trail S,Northwest,United States

I can only hope that I can stay in touch with my new eternial friend Kyle Spradley. He has been a great mentor but even a better friend. Jimmy Craighead.

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:Tasker Falls,Elkridge,United States

So I haVe to say this is a trip of a life time. Thanks to everyone that made this happen. This is an experience that I have to say I will never forget. I met so many new people that I hope to stay in contact with forever. Thanks again to everyone that made this trip possible and amazing. I have to say i love Samantha and alex and they are both amazin .... Love yal lexus holohan

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:Columbia,United States

Best trip ever! I am so greatful for our cooperatives allowing us to come on this trip. We all had an amazing time even though we were exhausted and our feet hurt. Each day was packed full of activities and great things to see but it was all worth it. Lexus you're awesome and I will miss you all! Alex Johnson

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:Maryland 501,17, Chillum,United States

Coming from the minds of Kate menke and Alex snyder---

Yesterday was epic. Actually, I lied; the whole trip was epic. From my first plane ride to the day on capitol hill I experiences a lit of new things and made a ton of new friends. Yesterday I met with representative Sam Graves And had an awesome time as he answered all of our questions. After there, we left for the dance and Kate and I learned how to swing dance with someone from Minnesota and 2 step with kids from Texas. It was really hard to say our goodbyes but we have plans to roadtrip to see everyone!

Well I would like to tell a story. Natalie and I were in victorias secret.... We were showing eachother things we liked and when she got a little further away where I could not just hold it up and show her I would carry it around with me. After we were finished we headed upstairs with a few other girls. Around five mintues later I looked down at my wrist and realized there was a bra hooked around my wrist!!! I freaked out and started yelling " What so I do! ." I quickly ran down stairs. Taking only one step in the door I chucked the bra in the store. I can't even tell you how many wierd looks I got.
Anyway, this trip has been great! I think there were a few moments we all THOUGHT we wanted to go home, but after the expirences we have shared together we all wish we never had to go home. I loved getting to know so many people not only from missouri but from around the nation. I know we will keep on touch and maybe see them again some day.

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Bus ride

We had a great time, but man we are beat!!!

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:Virginia 123,McLean,United States

Last day :(

Bus ride to airport

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:N Moore St,Arlington,United States

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looking back

Well, it is almost midnight and the 2010 Missouri Youth Tour is drawing to an end. A process that started months ago, with electric cooperatives visiting schools, then students writing essays, then the winners were picked, then all the mailings, then the banquet, then the trip...and now we had home tomorrow. This was one of the best groups we have ever had! So on this post, I have to thank so many people. Thank you to the co-ops for sponsoring this trip; thank you to the parents and teachers that encouraged their kids; thank you to the co-op employees that go to the school and promote YT; thanks to my chaperones for taking time away from home and family; thanks to my family for putting up with me during this time; thanks to the delegates - you all made this trip so awesome! I will have so many great memories from the 2010 Electric Cooperative Youth Tour.

Mike Marsch

Capitol hill day

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:1st St NW,Washington,United States

Capitol Hill

Meeting with Blaine Luetkemeyer

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:S Capitol St SW,Washington,United States

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15 Photos

Another great day of museums and sites! First off, the Newseum. One word: AMAZING!!!! Really cool to see all the historic newspapers and news broadcasts over the years from historic events and people. So much stuff to see and interact with. Some of us even made our own TV news broadcast. Wish we had more than two hours to spend there!

From there we headed to the ESPN Zone for a great lunch buffet. Luckily we got a steal on souvenirs as we found out the ESPN Zone franchise is closing down, so everything was 70% off. Woohoo, bargains! We had time to play a few games, shop and a quick jaunt to Starbucks...YUM!

Avoiding a light sprinkle, we walked over to the famous Ford's Theater, the site where Abe Lincoln was assassinated. We then road over to the Museum of American Art. It was great to see so many different pieces of artwork and had fun completing a scavenger hunt. Before heading back to the hotel for an evening clothing change, we stopped for a few at the Washington Monument and World War II Memorial.

After dinner, we saw "Thurgood", a one-man play starring Laurence Fishbourne, at the Kennedy Center. It was very interesting, intriguing and funny. Great job Morpheus!

Tomorrow is Capitol Hill day where we get all fancy dressed up and meet our state's politicians!


Waiting for to see the Laurence Fishburne in Thurgood.

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!


Washington Monument

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

June 14 Pictures

Our fearless leader, Mike. AMERICA!

The Day started off with Youth Day in which we learned about electric co-ops and listened to some awesome motivational speakers amongst over 1,500 other high schoolers from across the country.

After that, it was on to the White House for a group photo.

We stopped for lunch at the Reagan Center then headed out for Mount Vernon, with scenci views of the Potomac River almost the whole way. While visiting George Washington's estate we toured his famous mansion, learned about the history of the grounds, walked through his English-style gardens and checked out his stables and servers quarters. We also got to view the tomb where George and several of his close family members are buried. After that it was on to the D.C. Mall. Our chaperons were nice enough to give us a couple of hours to eat, shop and get some souvenirs for our friends and family back home. Around sunset we went back to the capitol mall and toured the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam, Korean and WWII Memorials. It rained on us for a few and some of us got a little wet, but if it wasn't for those Electric Co-op ponchos it would have been a lot worse! When we got back to the hotel, we had a little bit of free time to play some spoons, order some pizza and dry off amongst our new-found friends.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Anyone who sits next to me on the bus quickly realizes just how vicious I can be! There are so many Volkswagens in DC, which is awesome for devoted players of the VW Game like me. Every sighting of one is followed by an exclamation of "(color) one!" and a swift punch in the arm. I am proud to say that as of yet, I have not been defeated.

By the way, I'm typing this on the iPads in the Apple store. Very cool.

More memorials

Hey everyone. Today has been pretty good. Not nearly as hot as yesterday. We started our day out with some okay breakfast at the hotel then headed over to the hyat motel for a youth day conference with over 1,500 kids! It's was amazing. We had two speakers and I found it hard to stay awake. I may have even dosed off a couple of times =/ it was really early tho. After the conference we headed out for some lunch then off for some more amazing monuments. We experienced the white house and iwo jima. All in all this trip is a trip of a lifetime and I still can't believe I am here. We have so much more to see and it's only Monday. I'm going to have to get some red bulls or something. I miss u guys back home but i have made some pretty amazing friends here. Can't wait to sleep in my own bed.

Chelsea Smith

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!
Iwo Jima

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:US Marine Memorial Cir,Arlington,United States

White House

Just took a group photo in front of the white house.

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Youth Day!

We are proud to announce Trina Stumpe, from Leslie, of Crawford Electric is Missouri's YLC Delegate!!!

Join us congratulating her!!!

Now for the next hour and a half we will be in the conference room of the Hyatt with 1,500+ other kids from across the country listening to some amazing motivational speakers.

Gotta trade them pins!

Day 3

-Trip to Arlington
-Tour of Museums around Capitol Mall
-Boat Cruise on the Potomac!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Touring!

Today we started out by going to the Arlington Cemetery, and saw tombstone after tombstone. It has been the most touching part of the trip yet. After that, we spent the entire afternoon at the Smithsonian Museums. We got to visit exhibit after exhibit, and saw some pretty amazing things! And after all of this we went on a cruise on the Potomac River, which was great! This trip really is turning out to be the trip of a lifetime!!!

-Ashley Applegate

Bus Ride Back from Boat Ride

i just got done singing "Amazing Grace" on the way to the hotel from the river. every one loved my solo.

-Jimmy Craighead
Hi people! It was a great day today. This morning we started with Arlington National Cemetery-it was very sombering. I found it hard to fathom the number of graves, and it changes the meaning of the word sacrifice in my mind. Then, this afternoon, we went to the Smithsonian-it was amazing!! The museums were absolutely huge! My (new) friends and I were only able to hit a couple of them, but what we saw was amazing. On the way back to the bus it startedto pour rain on us (very typical weather in D.C., I've heard), so we caught a ride on he Natianal Mall carousel, which was sweet! I hadn't been on one on years! Anyway we are enjoying a beautiful cruise on the Potomac River now, so I want to enjoy it; TTYL, friends! ~Abigail Majerus

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!


Arlington National Cemetary

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Location:Leahy Dr,Arlington,United States

bus buddies!

Hello to all back home in Missouri. Mike here - just wanted to let everyone know what a great group of youth we have! They were the best yesterday, traveling through airports and on buses! Today we are at Arlington, and then headed to the Smithsonian's. It is 94 right now at 11:15 am. We are pushing lots of water on them. Boat cruise tonight!

First day!!

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was full of firsts for me - first day of the DC trip, first time flying, first time on the Eastern seaboard. As nervous as I was getting about the flying, my new friends helped me survive. Meeting everyone on the bus (by the way, the even bus is THE party bus) was a blast and made the new situation I was put in a bit more familiar and more comfortable. After arrival, we were thrown into touring monuments dedicated to those who shaped this country: Thomas Jefferson an FDR. Both were amazing, but my favorite was the FDR Memorial. The memorial progressed through the years that FDR lead our country with quotes etched in the walls of the memorial corresponding to the timeline of his presidential terms. As my friends and I progressed through the memorial, we encountered the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt. One of the most influential first ladies this country has ever had, Mrs. Roosevelt was definately 50% of one of the most epic power couples Americans have ever looked up to.
Moving on, I was definately ready to motor on to hotel and rest in the air conditioning. (rest, who was I kidding?) my new friend Chelsea, from Licking, and I decided to increase our number of state pins. After riding the elevators for 45 minutes, we discovered that Kentucky was on floor 2 and there is only one incognito Alaskan. Basically, his trip was and still is rocking!

-Hanan Southard, St. James

P.S. Thank you Kyle (one of the chaperones), for letting me use your AMAZING camera yesterday! :]

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

Traveling and Arriving in D.C.!

After a drive to St. Louis from Jefferson City, we unloaded thousands of pounds of luggage to board the plane - bound for D.C.

When we landed we were quickly greeted by our two amazing bus drivers, Mr. Smitty and Mr. D. From out the bus window we saw several sights along the way, including the Washington Monument, White House and Jefferson Memorial.

We stopped at the Old Post Office for some dinner. We also took an elevator up to a observation tower in which we could see all of D.C. and then some.

After our tasty meal, we stopped at the Jefferson Memorial. Took some photos, traded some pins and even saw a guy propose to a gal. WOW!

As the sun set, we walked around the FDR Memorial, which included several waterfalls and amazing pieces of art carved into bronze and granite.

We then arrived at the Hilton, our home for the next few days.

Shortly after we all quickly fell asleep.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Excited, nervous, scared all these emotions running through my mind on my first boarding call ever! I'm ready to fly :)
Jeana Bane

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!
"My name is Kyle Spradley and I spill red delicious Gatorade on innocent people like....Meredith cleveland!"

First Time Flyer

Never flown before wow what a rush such a mixture of emotions!

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

First Night

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready to go!

Hey guys =) Im sitting here this morning thinking about how I should finish packing because the 2:30 ride out of here isnt far away. But first I believe I will start my morning off with some of my moms pancakes. I cant wait to meet everybody this evening and kick this trip off. Ill see you guys in Jeff City!

Ready, Set, Go to DC

I am setting here this morning preparing to leave for Washington. I am really excited about everything that we get to see. I am ready to make new friends, ride on a air plane for the first time, tour, and learn more about electric cooperatives and the decisions that are being made impacting them. I really hope that we can make a positive difference in the decisions that are being made by our political leaders. To candy-coat the whole experience we get to see possibly the most historic place in the United States. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone. I'll see you all this evening in Jefferson City!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


just playing around im soo excited!!! im done packing I hope! I gots my bible and my books and the lord with me. bring it DC Hit us with ur best shot! can't wait to see you. it feels like a dream to get to see my nations capital! I love provin people wrong about small towns! we can get out. we aren't loser. This small town Niangie won't be tied down!

Hi! Just playing with the blog...

Hi everybody! I was just on here playing with the blog. Excited about tomorrow!

One Day to Go!!

Right about now, I can't even sit on my bed because it is COVERED with clothes and ziplock bags full of toothpaste and shampoo. The Youth Tour Banquet is tomorrow in Jefferson City, and I absolutely can't wait. I mean, have you SEEN the itinerary?! It's amazing! I've been visiting some of the websites for some of the destinations, and Mount Vernon sounds like it's going to be awesome! But you can't believe how sad I was when I found out we weren't going to a major league baseball game... but hey, I'm an open-minded person. The play we're going to see should be great.

So, to all of the other Missouri Youth Tour delegates - can't wait to meet y'all tomorrow night!

Jessica Covert

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Become a fan of Rural Missouri!

Congratulations to all this year's Missouri Youth Tour delegates! You'll soon be enjoying our nation's capital and learning more about rural electric cooperatives. But before you leave the Show-Me State, be sure to become a fan of Rural Missouri, the official publication of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, on Facebook! Check it out at

Almost Here!

Hello To All! We are only days away from the 2010 Youth Tour

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey guys welcome to the Youth Tour 2010 blog. Now that we are only a week out we hope everyone one has received all the info about what is going to happen out in D.C. Please let your families know about the blog, so they can get on here and check out what is going on. They can set up their own acount and respond to all of your posts. All of us chaperones are very ready for the trip and are excited to meet you guys. I am the one who has received all of the student sheets and pictures you have sent in, so I am especially ready to meet all of you and get to known all of your different personalities. As a reminder, be sure to check out the dress code and itinerary sheets we have sent you to make sure you have packed the appropriate clothes and show up on time. If you need anything before we head out, put a post on here or email me at Well guys have a great week and get ready for an awesome trip! We will see you on Friday June 11th at the banquet here in jefferson city. Later guys!

Chris Massman

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