Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As I sit here in my room at midnight on the last night of the trip, one word comes to mind - thanks! Thanks to the Missouri Electric Cooperatives that make this trip happen. Thanks to 9 GREAT chaperones that made this trip not only safe, but lots of fun. And thanks to 85 of the most amazing kids I have ever met. In one week, I have seen them laugh, cry, sing, and make new friends. I have learned about their families, their future goals, and their love for this country. I have watched them grow, and I am blessed to be a part of that. So again, THANKS for letting me share in this awesome week!
Mike Marsch

Final Day :(

I'm sitting in the hotel room look back and all I can say is that this entire trip has been fantastic! I've seen all kinds of monuments (I'm a total history nerd), laughed till two in the morning every night with my roommates (Couldn't have picked better ones myself), and made a ton of friends that I'm definately going to keep in touch with. Even my first plane ride wasn't that bad. But I think that I had the best time at the dances and surprizingly the baseball game last night. So though it's hard to narrow it down, awesome is the only word that could possibly sum up this trip.

Capitol Hill

We went to Capitol Hill today and broke up into groups by our representatives. Our group, Ike Skelton's, went to the Supreme Court. We listened to an aid and learned about the history of he building and the process of the Supreme Court. During the speech we were able to enjoy the architecture of the court. It also rained, A LOT! But don't worry, we got really soaked while frolicking about the city. While waiting in line I met a soldier who was getting ready to go to his third tour in Iraq. He had so many stories. Our last day in DC was busy and filled with random encounters with citizens ready to share their story.

Shelby Jasper
Today was Capitol Hill Day. We went and took a tour of the Capitol and then we got to meet our representatives. We got to ask Senator Mccaskill questions. Then the group from district six which included me got to go meet Congressman Graves. We also got
to takes pictures with him and ask him a few questions. Tonight is our final night on the youth tour and we are going to have a big dance with all the states.

Marc Griffith

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NO Prizes!

Hey Missouri!!!!!! Today we saw the coolest museum ever! We all thought the "Newseum" (National Museum of Journalism) would be lame, but it was awesome! (In fact it even made me consider going into journalism!! -Hillary) We watched a 4-D movie and it scared the crap out of Hillary at times. We even did our own little broadcast. Today we also saw the WWII museum, and the White House which were both packed with people. Oh, and some important looking limousines passed by the white house. Our trading pins are continuing to drive everyone crazy. Hillary's ribbon is FULL, sadly mine is not :( I've taken roughly 600 pictures Hillary's not even close with 191. Obviously everything is a competition for us, like the scavenger hunt at the art museum which we later found out it was just to move us about the museum (NO Prizes!)
Our favorite parts of the entire trip so far were the Newseum, the National Air & Space Museum, and of course meeting EVERYONE! (Personally I'm loving ALL the accents!!! Especially those southern states! "So where y'all from?" :D -Hillary) We're on our way to the Orioles game now. We'll be home soon!

Nicole Dilg #19 and Hillary Temple #21

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow, what a day at Washington D.C.

Wow...Thats all I can say after a day like today. I never expected so much inspiration off of a simple trip to Washington D.C. I believe I speak on the behalf of everybody on the Youth Tour when I say the motivational speaker Mike Scheippi was an inspiration to us all. He spoke words that I will keep with me the rest of my life. The Memorials that I have seen today are larger than life. You just cant quite grasp the centimental value of the memorials on the television. You just have to be there to see them. After years of hearing my family talk about my grandfather Bill Wayne Grant who died in Vietnam, I finally got to see his name on the Wall and I nearly broke down. I was just so proud. Not just of my grandfather, but of all the people who fought and died for our great nation we call the United States. This is definatly a day I will never forget, and maybe one day I will have the privilage of coming back here to Washington, and maybe next time I will be able to bring the rest of my family so they can share in the wonderful experiences.

Trevor Ball

Washington Monument

We just finished our tour of the Washington Monument. After going through the security check we were taken up 500 ft to the top!!! The view from every side was breath taking. There is so much to see and you don't want to miss anything. For me, such a monument symbolizes the endurance of our country and founding fathers. It also symbolizes that through every past crisis, financial struggle, and the unified times we kept striving towards the top. The Washington Monument is a gift and reminder to us today, as itself exemplifies, at all times as citizens of this great Nation we should stand strong, unmovable, and firm on solid ground.
Now we are on our way to Mount Vernon and another adventure for today!!! ... God Bless!

Ceci Thornton
We just went to the very top of the Washington Monument. It was awesome!! We were so high up and we could see everything! There was a great view of the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and the Capitol. After we came back down from the Monument, a bunch of us hung out on the grassy area. We had a lot of fun! This trip has been amazing and its only the third day! I have met some really cool people from Missouri and from other states! I am so glad that I am able to be here and make so many new friends!
-Tori Niemann

What's up today

We just left the Washington Monument and that was AMAZING!!!! We got to go up into the top and see like everything. It was really cool. My favorite thing so far was probably the cruise last night. It was so pretty. At night, the whole city was lit up and the weather was really nice. We're on the bus right now with our awsome bus driver Mr. D and we're on our way to Mount Vernon. So that's everything for now!! Peace out!
XOXO Mariah Hassert
Washington D.C....I never thought in my wildest dreams i would actually have chance to see such an amazing place. The trip has so many unexpected and amazing sites. After sitting in history class every year and having our teacher tell us turn to page whatever and trying to learn is sooooo...much different compared to actually get to go to the history and see the sites and get to (in a way) relive peoples accomplished and amazing dreams. D.C. is simply amazing and I will defiantly come back again!

Jenna Snodgrass

Washington Monument

We just went up the Washington Monument. The guy who lined us all up was a bit strange. I couldn't really tell if he was trying to be funny or not. Groups of a little over 10 squished into an elevator and we got up to the top really fast. The guard in the elevator was trying to be funny by incorporating electricity into the little tour on the way up. I took tons of pictures at the top. There are two windows on each side of the monument. It was really awesome. You can see the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol and the Smithsonian up there...along with the whole city! There were windows on the elevator so we could see stones on the inside of the monument as we went down.

Yesterday was the Smithsonian- my favorite so far. I loved it!! I stopped only once--to eat. Loved all the Abraham Lincoln stuff and the Hope Diamond. It actually wasn't as big as I expected, but still really beautiful. Surprisingly, everyone at the museum was really patient and let everyone get good chances to take pictures. I also got to take pictures of Lincoln's top hat and Dorothy's Red Slippers.

The Arlington National Cemetery was beautiful and inspiring. The weather has been perfect so far. But it'll probably rain...

Thanks Co-Mo Electric!
Alyssa Nelson

Youth Day!!

Hey! It's Savannah Haden (Russellville)Last night was the Potomac Cruise, which was incredible. It had dance floors, and open areas where we could all meet new people. This morning we had one of the best motivational speakers I have ever heard, Mike Schlappi. His quote was "If you can't stand up, stand out." He was amazzzzinnnnnggg! Right now, we are all off to lunch, then to tour a few monuments!! Tonight = Shopping at Pentagon Mall! Sounds fun to me! Hope you all are enjoying this blog as much as we are alllll enjoying this trip. Thanks to everyone who has supported us!!

Savannah Haden!♥
Hey everybody! well here i am reporting from the hyatt hotel on the 12th floor! i cant believe today is only really day two in DC. yesterday was amazing the touring of the smithsonian museums was really fun. its hard to believe that the history of this country is in those museums! the cruise was also a lot of fun. it was a great time to talk to different people and to see a beautiful sunset on the potomac river...How many people can really say that? today we had a ytm conference with lots of kids from all over the country and had an amazing guest speaker! for the rest of the day....i'm not sure what is planned but im sure it will be GREAT!!!! ok ttyl! 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

1st post

Wow, today was amazing. After seeing Arlington for the second time, I now realize it's importance. The changing of the guards was also another thing I liked. Seeing the National Archives was also something I liked doing today, and the nice day ended with a "cruise." I met many new people from different states and hope to remain friends with them. That's it for now! Ryan Moses

Great day!

From 2009 MO Youth Tour

We had a full day of lots of cool things. Arlington National Cemetery was sobering but so beautiful. The Old Guard and the changing of the guard were awesome. The Smithsonian Institution was great. We broke up in groups and went to see the museums that interested us. It was fun hearing all the different things people saw. Tonight we cruised the Potomac River on a triple-level boat. Some delegates watched the sun set, while others danced or played cards. Just a great, great day!

Hey Mom and Dad. Make sure you refresh your browser so you see the latest photos added to the slideshow in the upper right of this page. Haven't had much opportunity for delegates to blog. Everybody is too busy doing and seeing stuff!

Today in D.C.

Today was awesome! We saw a lot of amazing art and got a lot of exercising at the Smithsonian. This trip is a great experience!

Katie Ausmus


went to the smithsonian today it was hard to see all i wanted to too much to too little time but had fun with my buddy anyway woo


At the smihsonian


Wow--I am amazed at all that we are going to see! Just Arlington National Cemetary was so remarkable! It is so moving to see the 320,000 some graves that show all those who've sacrificied for our country. It was also very neat to see the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier. They were so precise in every step, turn, and salute!!

The people here are awesome and I've alreadsy met so many new friends! I can't wait to see what we will be doing next!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're in D.C./In the hotel!

From 2009 MO Youth Tour
It's been a long day, but a good one. No issues or hurdles as we made our way to the airport, caught our flight and landed in Baltimore. A short bus ride later and we were in D.C. We spent about an hour and a half at Washington, D.C.'s Union Station. Lots of options for dinner in the food court, and some interesting shops, too. Our bus drivers took us past some of the major sites in D.C. We'll try to get some of the delegates to post their impressions tomorrow -- hard to find time to blog, it seems.

Tomorrow is a big day. We'll see Arlington National Cemetery and spend some time at the Smithsonian museums. We've also go our boat cruise tomorrow. 
This is Emily Whitmarsh, and I am happy to say in about 10 minutes we will be boarding our plane to Washington D.C. I believe I can say for everyone here that we are extremely excited. I have never been to D.C. along with many of my new friends and I cannot wait to see the sites! Mom and dad if you are reading this love you, and wish you could enjoy it with me!!!
Ok...well it's been super fun so far and we aren't even in DC yet! i have made tons of new friends and have probably added at least 10 new numbers to my cell phone! When they say this is the trip of a lifetime and that you will make tons of new friends they are totally right! we are now at the airport and are all anxiously waiting the flight to dc! so got to go and you will probably hear from me again, except next time it will be in DC baby!!!! 

Youth Tour, Take One

So far, I have met well over half of the delegates here on the youth tour. They range from small towns like mine to tiny schools in rural areas, and I think I have made real connections. My roommates are awesome, and the atmosphere has been so alive and energetic. As we're about to get on the plane, there are groups of people who've known each other less than 24 hours playing cards like they've known each other all their lives. I can't wait to see how this trip and these friendships play out. 

Whoa! We're on the bus

From 2009 MO Youth Tour
Headed toward St. Louis now. We'll try to get some delegates posting when we get to the airport. In the meantime, enjoy the photos (assuming I can figure out how to load them).

Whoa! We're on the bus

Headed toward St. Louis now. We'll try to get some delegates posting when we get to the airport. In the meantime, enjoy the photos (assuming I can figure out how to load them).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Youth Tour begins Friday, June 12

Hey! That's today!

Look to this space in the coming days for photos and updates from the 2009 Missouri Youth Tour!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

51 hours to go! Is it too early to get dressed for dinner?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three days and counting!

Just three days until Friday and the Youth Tour banquet in Jeff City. Hope everyone has read the materials Mike sent out and has started thinking about packing.

We will post comments and photos on this blog as the trip gets underway. Make sure you give this link to your friends and family so they can follow along on the trip.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look for fellow delegates on Facebook

Hey '09 Missouri delegates: Congratulations on winning a spot on the Youth Tour! We've set up a Facebook page — if you've got a Facebook account, search for "2009 Missouri Youth Tour" and join the group. Introduce yourself, tell us where you're from and what you're looking forward to seeing in D.C. The sooner you guys and gals get to know each other the better. Oh come on, don't be shy. You're going to be fast friends soon enough!

It's that time of year! Youth Tour is coming!

All across Missouri, high school juniors are practicing their speeches and boning up on the history of rural electrification in preparation for their local electric cooperative's Youth Tour contest. Some of you may have already been selected as delegates for this year's Youth Tour. 

Chances are, you have no idea what awaits you. Maybe an older brother or sister or an upperclassman has told you a little about the trip. But really, you can't imagine how cool this week will be.

You'll start the week a little shy and maybe just a bit afraid. You're going to be thrust in a room with about 80 other teenagers from all across the state and some adult is going to tell you to start making friends. "Yeah, right!" you say.  Trust me, in a week you won't want to say goodbye and you'll consider most of these other Youth Tour delegates to be lifelong friends. Some of them actually will be.

Yeah, you've seen pictures of the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol. You think you know what they're all about. Think again. There is a feeling that comes over you when you're standing next to that black wall with all those names that you just can't describe. There's definitely a spirit there. 

You're going to do and see so many things in one week you won't believe it. Your dogs are going to bark and you won't sleep a wink the first couple of days. But, man, you're going to have fun. Even stupid stuff like counting off on the bus will make you smile when you think about it later.

Sure, sure. This is just somebody talking. You wait and see. 

If you've been selected as a delegate to the 2009 Missouri Youth Tour you're a very special young man or woman. You've earned a spot on this exclusive trip. Look forward to it. Make the most of it. Cherish it forever.

We'll see you in 71 days!

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