Friday, January 4, 2013

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Day - Travel back home day

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as we had to head back home to our families and friends after a great week!
On the bus to the airport.

"If you look to your left you can see the Pentagon." - Our Fearless Leader Mike Marsch

A good collection of pins!
Our AWESOME bus drivers Smitty and Mr. D!
Headed in to the airport.

Flying Home

We are currently on the plane to go home. It has been an amazing trip, truly a trip of a lifetime. The friends that I met and the memories of all the monuments and places wew went to will be truly unforgettable. We are already planning a reunion of all the Youth Tour delegates this fall! We are definitely a very happy family. I'll miss you all!

-Lindsey Kolb, Laclede Electric Co-op

Capitol Hill Day - Last Day of Touring :(

Started the morning off at the United States Capitol for our co-op pictures. Then we split up into groups to meet with our local district representatives and touring of buildings around Capitol Hill. Some toured the Supreme Court, Library of Congress or the Capitol building. When we got back to the hotel it was free time for us as the chaperones all released us to the lower floor of the hotel where we spent the night dancing and playing games with kids from other states.

Our awesome chaperones. Our pics will be out on CDs and in the Rural Missouri later.
Former Youth Tour delegate Bret Funk from Macon, who is now communications director for Billy Long, speaks to us about what he learned from his trip as a YT delegate and how he got his current job. Big kudos to Macon Electric Cooperative worker Kami Mohn for setting this up!
US Capitol Building Tour
US Capitol Building Tour
US Capitol Building Tour
US Capitol Building Tour
US Capitol Building Tour
US Capitol reflected into the shades of Kathleen Hinkle.
Library of Congress
Library of Congress
US Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson meets with us on the steps of the Capitol Building.

US Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson poses with the group.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wrapping It Up

Today was our final day of touring. We went to the capitol and met with our representatives and took photos with the other delegates from our cooperatives. We also went to the library of congress. It was definitely my favorite. The architecture and murals on the wall were nothing comparable to anything from back home. It's crazy that this is our last night together. It has gone by so fast and slow at the same time. The days have been long, but really fun which makes it fast, if you can catch my drift at all. It was so easy to make friends with all these people that I have never met before. I'm really going to miss some of them. This was definitely the trip of my lifetime. I want to thank the cooperatives again for making this all possible and for everything they do!

--Kathleen Hinkle

Peace & Blessings y

Last Friday, little did we know that all 83 of us would become like one family. 6 days ago we had no idea what we werre getting ourselves into. I remember walking into the banquet room and thinking that there is no way I was going to be able to meet and get to actually know all these kids but I WAS WRONG! Literally we are a family. Last night showed how well we can stick together. The game was intense and so were our chants along with the booing mob of Nationals fans but we stood together and got under the skin of some nice drunken fellows who didn't realize we were a group of high schoolers and were totally acting our age. These days have gone by so slowly but that could be because we usually are up for a good 15 hour day and most the time more. Were getting ready to begin our final day at capital hill. 40% of our bus is knocked out. (ODDS RULE EVENS DROOL) This trip was truly a trip of a lifetime that will be impossible to forget.

Day 5 - Newseum, Ford's Theatre, WWII Memorial and Cards Game!

Well, we started the day off at the Newseum. Regardless of what Kyle says is cool, this is one of the best museums in D.C.! From there it was time to tour the American Art Museum and Ford's Theatre, where President Lincoln was assassinated. It was interesting hearing the story of the end of one of our great presidents. Next it was on to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then the World War II Memorial and Washington Monument. We ended the night with a Cardinals-Nationals Game. Pretty much had the whole stadium booing us when we cheered on the Redbirds.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go cards

WOW!!! 85 high school students not only got the nationals to stand, but also got them to boo!! But we kept it nice and classy as
Missouri always does. The odd bus is voiceless but still chanting and singing all the way to the hotel!! Fun time don't want to go
Home. GO CARDS!!

Best Cardinals Fans Ever!

Well today's adventure cannot be described in the little time I have to post. Basically all you need to know is that Missouri has the greatest fans ever! We screamed till we literally couldn't scream anymore! Half of us don't have any voices left. We made a few enemies,,, okay maybe a whole stadium of enemies, with our awesome chants and support from the other fans around the stadium. even though the Cards lost, the game was intense like camping ;) I had a great time and I know everyone else did too! I can't wait till tomorrow!

Kathleen Hinkle

Day 4 - Youth Day, the White House, Mount Vernon and more memorials

Another day in the books. Started the day off with 1500 other kids from several other states. Listened to some awesome speakers. Then it was off to the White House, Air Force Memorial, Mount Vernon and the Pentagon City Mall for dinner. After that we had an evening tour around the Lincoln, Korean and Vietnam memorials.
Youth Day
Our YLC Delegate Lindsey Kolb lead us in an up-roaring MIZ-ZOU chant!
Paraolympian Mike Schilappe gave a truly inspiring speech.

Our awesome chaperones in front of the White House.

Air Force Memorial

Starting to get a little beat from all this touring.
Mount Vernon, George Washington's Home.

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam Memorial Wall