Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sorry Note

I'm truly sorry for not blogging on the trip. The time was very limited and I decided to write it all down on paper. I should have all of the days listed by Monday, but until then please enjoy my short memories from the trip.

These are life lessons I will never forget:

1. Molly is afraid of squirrels
2. Don't let Kate go shopping alone(lol) I won't tell Kate's Secret...
3. John is bald, but it is his choice to be that way. jk
4. Don't let Joe near people with cameras. Photo Bombs will happen
5. Love your roommates as much as you love yourself!
7. Do Not follow random men into electronic stores. They will want you to buy headphones!
8. Don't let teenagers sing...ever!
9. Bring your poncho everywhere.
10. Make sure you can hear the man with the silly hat! (HEY MIKE!)
11. To spend wisely is always a good choice!
12. Time on the bus = MAFIA!

I'll clarify these lessons later. Who knows, I could be missing some, but so far thats what I have.


p.s. It was so much harder to say goodbye than I expected!

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