Saturday, June 12, 2010

Excited, nervous, scared all these emotions running through my mind on my first boarding call ever! I'm ready to fly :)
Jeana Bane

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!
"My name is Kyle Spradley and I spill red delicious Gatorade on innocent people like....Meredith cleveland!"

First Time Flyer

Never flown before wow what a rush such a mixture of emotions!

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

First Night

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready to go!

Hey guys =) Im sitting here this morning thinking about how I should finish packing because the 2:30 ride out of here isnt far away. But first I believe I will start my morning off with some of my moms pancakes. I cant wait to meet everybody this evening and kick this trip off. Ill see you guys in Jeff City!

Ready, Set, Go to DC

I am setting here this morning preparing to leave for Washington. I am really excited about everything that we get to see. I am ready to make new friends, ride on a air plane for the first time, tour, and learn more about electric cooperatives and the decisions that are being made impacting them. I really hope that we can make a positive difference in the decisions that are being made by our political leaders. To candy-coat the whole experience we get to see possibly the most historic place in the United States. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone. I'll see you all this evening in Jefferson City!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


just playing around im soo excited!!! im done packing I hope! I gots my bible and my books and the lord with me. bring it DC Hit us with ur best shot! can't wait to see you. it feels like a dream to get to see my nations capital! I love provin people wrong about small towns! we can get out. we aren't loser. This small town Niangie won't be tied down!

Hi! Just playing with the blog...

Hi everybody! I was just on here playing with the blog. Excited about tomorrow!

One Day to Go!!

Right about now, I can't even sit on my bed because it is COVERED with clothes and ziplock bags full of toothpaste and shampoo. The Youth Tour Banquet is tomorrow in Jefferson City, and I absolutely can't wait. I mean, have you SEEN the itinerary?! It's amazing! I've been visiting some of the websites for some of the destinations, and Mount Vernon sounds like it's going to be awesome! But you can't believe how sad I was when I found out we weren't going to a major league baseball game... but hey, I'm an open-minded person. The play we're going to see should be great.

So, to all of the other Missouri Youth Tour delegates - can't wait to meet y'all tomorrow night!

Jessica Covert

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Become a fan of Rural Missouri!

Congratulations to all this year's Missouri Youth Tour delegates! You'll soon be enjoying our nation's capital and learning more about rural electric cooperatives. But before you leave the Show-Me State, be sure to become a fan of Rural Missouri, the official publication of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, on Facebook! Check it out at

Almost Here!

Hello To All! We are only days away from the 2010 Youth Tour