Sunday, June 13, 2010

First day!!

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was full of firsts for me - first day of the DC trip, first time flying, first time on the Eastern seaboard. As nervous as I was getting about the flying, my new friends helped me survive. Meeting everyone on the bus (by the way, the even bus is THE party bus) was a blast and made the new situation I was put in a bit more familiar and more comfortable. After arrival, we were thrown into touring monuments dedicated to those who shaped this country: Thomas Jefferson an FDR. Both were amazing, but my favorite was the FDR Memorial. The memorial progressed through the years that FDR lead our country with quotes etched in the walls of the memorial corresponding to the timeline of his presidential terms. As my friends and I progressed through the memorial, we encountered the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt. One of the most influential first ladies this country has ever had, Mrs. Roosevelt was definately 50% of one of the most epic power couples Americans have ever looked up to.
Moving on, I was definately ready to motor on to hotel and rest in the air conditioning. (rest, who was I kidding?) my new friend Chelsea, from Licking, and I decided to increase our number of state pins. After riding the elevators for 45 minutes, we discovered that Kentucky was on floor 2 and there is only one incognito Alaskan. Basically, his trip was and still is rocking!

-Hanan Southard, St. James

P.S. Thank you Kyle (one of the chaperones), for letting me use your AMAZING camera yesterday! :]

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!


Lisa Southard said...

Sounds like you're having an awesome time, Hanan! Take lots of pictures for us! We will see you soon! Love, Mom
Oh, and THANKS, Kyle. We'll never hear the end of the "amazing camera" stories. :)

Karana Southard said...

I felt the same way when I was a part of the Tour in 2006 Hanan! Tangible monuments make the impact of significant figures and leaders in our country all the more real in a different way. Great post! Keep having fun, DON'T REST! :)