Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coming from the minds of Kate menke and Alex snyder---

Yesterday was epic. Actually, I lied; the whole trip was epic. From my first plane ride to the day on capitol hill I experiences a lit of new things and made a ton of new friends. Yesterday I met with representative Sam Graves And had an awesome time as he answered all of our questions. After there, we left for the dance and Kate and I learned how to swing dance with someone from Minnesota and 2 step with kids from Texas. It was really hard to say our goodbyes but we have plans to roadtrip to see everyone!

Well I would like to tell a story. Natalie and I were in victorias secret.... We were showing eachother things we liked and when she got a little further away where I could not just hold it up and show her I would carry it around with me. After we were finished we headed upstairs with a few other girls. Around five mintues later I looked down at my wrist and realized there was a bra hooked around my wrist!!! I freaked out and started yelling " What so I do! ." I quickly ran down stairs. Taking only one step in the door I chucked the bra in the store. I can't even tell you how many wierd looks I got.
Anyway, this trip has been great! I think there were a few moments we all THOUGHT we wanted to go home, but after the expirences we have shared together we all wish we never had to go home. I loved getting to know so many people not only from missouri but from around the nation. I know we will keep on touch and maybe see them again some day.

-Posted from the field for Missouri Youth Tour 2010!

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Natalie Nish said...

LOL that was so funny i thought i was going to cry!! I loved seeing the reactions on everyones face when we told that story! I think I want to go shopping with you again Kate!