Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Ideas

So the Cardinals game didnt work out.... it was bad timing or something for people but its in the works for a new reunion... if you have any good ideas tell Tom, Branden, or I. Also it has been a long time since anyone has blogged so i thought i would tell about life after dc. After Dc everything else just is more enjoyable... The experiences and lessons learned have made movies more entertaining because i can say i have been there or seen that. Also the friendships are incredible, truly incredible people are picked to go on this tour and they are definately lifelong friends. With school approaching its going to be hard to keep in touch plus its our senior year! I cant believe it has arrived, i still remember way back when thinking it would never be here. Now we graduate this year and move on with our lives but i hope to take with me the Dc mentality we all shared that allowed us to make friends and learn so much.