Monday, June 13, 2011

We had such a great day today! We started the morning with all of the other states in ONE room! Thats over 1500 delegates. Needless to say there was the wave, fist pumping, and a conga line. We listened to a fantastic motivational speaker then had lunch at the Reagan International Trade Center. George Washington's home and tomb were next on the itinerary; we even got to touch the same banister he did so many years ago. Dinner and shopping was a lot of downtime for me, but other girls seemed to be in overdrive trying to shop as much as possible. One girl had to sprint to the bus to be on time, that's how dedicated she was to her shopping time. We ended the day with plenty of time to walk around and explore the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Walll, and Korean Memorial. It was a fabulous day for the 2011 Youth Tour! :)

Alana Simpson

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