Monday, June 13, 2011

If You Can't Stand Up, Stand Out

Today has been simply amazing, just as everyday so far has been. This morning I was embraced by complete exhaustion until Mike Schilappe began his motivational speech about how to improve our everyday lives. Did you know that most people have 11 negative thoughts per every positive thought? Doesn't that sound horrible? Most people don't realize what they have until it's gone. Mike was paralyzed due to a gun shot from a friend, yet he has won 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals for his paralympic basketball teams. He has lived a full and completely awesome life despite his setback. He showed us that we shouldn't just sit around and be sympathetic about our own problems, but to embrace them and handle them. It was definitely awe inspiring. We went to Mount Vernon today and many of the rooms of the home surprised me. Their dining room was lime green. It was horrid looking to me, but at the time it was in style, especially in Europe. We went to the Pentagon City Mall after that, which btw is WAY bigger than any of the malls that I have been to in Missouri. (Not that that's a big number.) My favorite part of today was seeing the Korean, Vietnam, and Lincoln memorials. It was awesome to know that I was sitting on the site that's on all the 5 dollar bills :). I loved sitting and watching all the people and different cultures around us move about and admire the memorials as well. I was a bit bummed that the reflecting pool for the Washington Monument was drained for repairs. I wanted to be where Jenny was when she called out to Forrest. :( I can't wait for another great day in DC! Be sure to look for us at the Cardinals game tomorrow night on Fox Sports Midwest!

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