Monday, June 15, 2009

Washington Monument

We just went up the Washington Monument. The guy who lined us all up was a bit strange. I couldn't really tell if he was trying to be funny or not. Groups of a little over 10 squished into an elevator and we got up to the top really fast. The guard in the elevator was trying to be funny by incorporating electricity into the little tour on the way up. I took tons of pictures at the top. There are two windows on each side of the monument. It was really awesome. You can see the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol and the Smithsonian up there...along with the whole city! There were windows on the elevator so we could see stones on the inside of the monument as we went down.

Yesterday was the Smithsonian- my favorite so far. I loved it!! I stopped only once--to eat. Loved all the Abraham Lincoln stuff and the Hope Diamond. It actually wasn't as big as I expected, but still really beautiful. Surprisingly, everyone at the museum was really patient and let everyone get good chances to take pictures. I also got to take pictures of Lincoln's top hat and Dorothy's Red Slippers.

The Arlington National Cemetery was beautiful and inspiring. The weather has been perfect so far. But it'll probably rain...

Thanks Co-Mo Electric!
Alyssa Nelson

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