Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NO Prizes!

Hey Missouri!!!!!! Today we saw the coolest museum ever! We all thought the "Newseum" (National Museum of Journalism) would be lame, but it was awesome! (In fact it even made me consider going into journalism!! -Hillary) We watched a 4-D movie and it scared the crap out of Hillary at times. We even did our own little broadcast. Today we also saw the WWII museum, and the White House which were both packed with people. Oh, and some important looking limousines passed by the white house. Our trading pins are continuing to drive everyone crazy. Hillary's ribbon is FULL, sadly mine is not :( I've taken roughly 600 pictures Hillary's not even close with 191. Obviously everything is a competition for us, like the scavenger hunt at the art museum which we later found out it was just to move us about the museum (NO Prizes!)
Our favorite parts of the entire trip so far were the Newseum, the National Air & Space Museum, and of course meeting EVERYONE! (Personally I'm loving ALL the accents!!! Especially those southern states! "So where y'all from?" :D -Hillary) We're on our way to the Orioles game now. We'll be home soon!

Nicole Dilg #19 and Hillary Temple #21

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Terrill Story said...

Hillary Temple from Cuba - you must meet Megan Boren from St. James. Get some strange cool picture together for me! Glad you are having a great time. Live it up and enjoy every moment. A full report will be necessary upon your return to our civilization as you previously new it. - Terrill Story