Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey everybody! well here i am reporting from the hyatt hotel on the 12th floor! i cant believe today is only really day two in DC. yesterday was amazing the touring of the smithsonian museums was really fun. its hard to believe that the history of this country is in those museums! the cruise was also a lot of fun. it was a great time to talk to different people and to see a beautiful sunset on the potomac river...How many people can really say that? today we had a ytm conference with lots of kids from all over the country and had an amazing guest speaker! for the rest of the day....i'm not sure what is planned but im sure it will be GREAT!!!! ok ttyl! 

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Terrill Story said...

I know you Megan Boren - from St. James!!! You must have met Hillary Temple by now - I know her too! Get a photo together just for me somewhere strange and fun! - Terrill Story