Monday, June 16, 2008

WHITE HOUSE & Purple Shirts!!

After herding 84 kids, sweat dripping down our backs, the sun shining in our eyes we FINALLY managed to pull off a good shot in front of the White House. We are very proud of our "MANLY" guys for sporting our lilac Youth Tour t-shirts. Way to go guys!!! 

We also visited Iwo Jima Memorial, FDR Memorial, and the WWII Memorial. It was a very touching day. 


Laura Hengstenberg said...

Love the shirts! And glad to see that Buddy Bear got in the photo!

Anonymous said...

You all look so good..... love the Buddy bear also.....have lots of fun everyone!!

Nikki Calvert said...

Great Picture! Glad to see you even got Ted in the purple shirt! Was looking for Jason in his........ Everyone keeps asking how you all are doing and I tell them to check the blog. Miss you guys, hurry back!