Saturday, June 21, 2008

Readjustment Times

It is hard to come home after such a magnificent trip. From the moment we stepped into Truman Hotel in Jefferson complete strangers to getting locked out of our rooms in the Hyatt to seeing magnificent monuments and places to dancing our hearts out to saying good bye to our new close friends, we were all full of excitement and anticipation. The trip itself was an adreneline rush of activities and trips. We spent so much time being on the go and busy that now that its over, everything is a little different. The trip changed every single one of our lives. We met amazing people who were strangers but now like family. We saw amazing places where history was made and still lives on today. We embarked on the trip of a lifetime. To all those considering going next year, try your hardest to go it is well worth all the work. The trip is indescribable in its entirity and so much happened that i will never forget. I hope that we all keep in touch with our new friends and i pray that everyones life continues to be blessed after the trip. I know i was incredibly lucky to go on this tour because i was up against my good and talented friends and somehow by the grace of God i won. Anyway, Thank you again and this will be my last blog for awhile but i am trying to keep this youth tour alive and bloggified.

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