Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mixed Emotions Upon Return

Wow! Seriously, that is the only word that comes to mind when trying to think of how to describe this. I can remember the first day walking into my room first, not knowing what to expect when my roommates got there. When they finally did, they seemed alright enough, but nobody would speak to each other at all. I can't stand awkward silences. Not really knowing what to do, we just turned on the TV and got through the first night. Man did things change in the days leading up to coming back home. In the last few days it felt like we'd known each other forever. Not to mention, all the other friends I've made throughout the week and really hope I get to see again soon. Yes, I never thought I would come out of this missing anyone, but I truly already do. Hopefully I can find ways to keep in touch with everyone, so if you are reading this feel free to grab my email off my profile or something, oh and there is a Facebook group entitled "Missouri Youth Tour '08" that you should join. Anyway, I would like to thank all the other delegates, the cooperatives, and our chaperones: Mike, Jason, Christian, Heather, and the others for being so fantastic in providing us with the greatest experience we could have. This truly was "The Trip of a Lifetime," and I wish I could go back. Even though I can't, I'm never going to forget the things I've seen, nor the confidence I've gained meeting tons of new people.

Thank You Everyone For One of the Greatest Memories

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