Friday, June 20, 2008

I Love Dc!

The last week 83 amazing people and I had the honor and the priviledge to travel to our nation's capitol. In Washington we made many new friends and had many memories. So much happened in that span of a week that if felt like a month or even more. Every day was 18 hours from 6ish to midnightish depending on how long we stayed up talking! The trip itself was full of monuments and places and free food!! I do have to say though the Missouri Crew was the closest out of all the states we met. We actually knew of and were friends with everyone from our state. I was the mascot bearer and i took pictures with and took the Buddy Bear everywhere we went. Unfortunately, on our amazing trip one of our members got really sick and had to miss a couple days of activities. She was able to go to the second half and have fun but she still missed the major first days where we exchanged pins and met other states in our hotel. As Tom Dixon said in his blog we had many catch phrases. I was sitting next to Melissa Gilstrap when she said her "OMG I am Seeing the Pentagon!" and i will never forget our amazing bus driver and his phrase "It's all good!"

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