Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mo Yt 2 Dc 08

Good Afternoon Missouri! I just got up like an hour ago and i was thinking this blog needed a new post. The thought that has been on my mind the last day or so is just how much change and growth we all got on this tour. We didnt just have fun and meet new people. We all learned things about ourselves and I do believe almost everyone gained a new confidence and strength with themselves. We were constantly doing things and meeting new people. Meeting so many new people while trying to get little pins from other states allowed us to break ice barriers that normally would have stopped us. The tour helped us develop so many social and emotional skills. We faced things on this tour that made us all bond together such as a member or two getting sick, storms halting our plans, and many many blonde ditzy moments that we just turned into inside jokes. The part of the tour that probably really changed me is pictured above. Mike Schlappi and his keynote speech really touched me. All the points and analogies he made were exactly what i needed to hear. He truly was an amazing guy and talked on changing the way we think to becoming better members of society. He talked on helping people and facing our inner "bullets" and not passing blame. I really look up to Mike and i got lucky to have a picture with such and amazing individual. Oh yeah Missouri our mascot is in the picture!! Anyway I know for myself personally i grew up and matured on this trip. I saw many people who had rough lives and strange circumstances and it made me see just how blessed i was and how blessed others were. I realized this world is full of people who face trials everyday so that others dont have to. Going to Arlington Cemetary showed me all i say and do is not free and was born from the blood of so many patriots. I know that this trip was the most fun i have had but it also was the most inspiring and life changing trip i have been on. I thank all who made it possible and i pray that we all see each other again someday.

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