Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's all good!

I wanted to say thank you for a fantastic trip to Washington, D.C. It was an honor to go as a chaperone for such a great group of young adults. When we went to Capitol Hill, our group met with Ike Skelton and he said, "If you want to be a success, make your parent's proud." I would have to say that each delegate did just that. These young adults showed respect, responsibility and wonderful character. What a treat to be able to spend time with them!

To the other chaperones, what a ride! I'm so glad to have made such great new friends and truly enjoyed our time together. Mike, Christian and Nikki--you did a great job putting this together. Mike, you have a gift for these young people. The Pentagon has a whole new meaning for me! It was just a wonderful experience all around. As Mr. D would say, "It's all GOOD!"

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Brian Archer aka Buddy Bear said...

Mr D would say its all good! and OMG We all saw the Pentagon!!!! It has five sides! no the thanks goes to you you chaperones for putting up with all of us and taking us to those places! Thank You Kathy!!!