Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy July 4th

Tomorrow is July 4th the day this country was officially declared independent and the day our country was formed. Two weeks after our tour where we saw our first president's house and walked the halls of the capital i still feel the emotions of what we saw there. I learned a greater respect and a greater understanding of what it truly means to be independent and what it took for this country to grow. Tomorrow is no longer just a day to shoot of fireworks and be silly to me. Tomorrow is a day that i will look at as a chance to honor this great country for the struggles its had and the people who made it possible. Of course i will still blow stuff up with firecrackers and fireworks but i will do only as a side thing. As i said in my earlier blog..i realized a lot about our freedom which came from men giving their lives for a cause they werent sure would work. Yet here we are today by their sacrafice living and breathing and shooting fireworks in a country that may be in recession economically but we will bounce back from it because we have a unity and a strong care for our fellow countrymen. Sounds crazy when i say it but i believe when we face the troubles ahead all of our petty differences will vanish and we will push this country back up.

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