Monday, June 23, 2008

Time of our Lives

So i blogged only 2 days ago but still this trip meant the world to me.... i cant help talking about it! I have to say some of the most fun i ever had was at the Orioles game or maybe possibly just chilling in the hotel because my favorite part of the whole tour was the people i met and the lifelong friends created! I dont know about the each member but i felt a bond with almost everyone the second i met them or hung out with them. I may not have been great with names but i tried my hardest to make everyones trip a little brighter... I loved the cruise, the dance, Wednesday night, Orioles game and just about everything on this trip. There never was a dull moment....well maybe a couple but the trip was so full of things to do we never had time to really dwell on things or think. We constantly went from amazing tour and hilarious moment to the another. The picture above is from Wednesday night dance during "Can you Feel The Love Tonight?" when we all joined hands and danced in massive circle singing at the top of our lungs heh and as you can see Buddy Bear was right there with us just like he was everywhere else

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