Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day One - Reception and Orientation

Well, day one is already in the books. We had a great dinner with our families at the Truman Hotel. Once our parents left and relinquished us to the caring hands of the wonderful chaperones, we learned from Mike about what all we were going to do this week. Sounds like a blast! We then had a few ice breaker activities to learn more about each other. Our other task at hand was to prepare a presentation with only a few random items that we would give to kindergarteners describing what cooperatives do.

Dinner at the Truman Hotel.

Icebreaker activity to learn more about each other. Mr. Lutz was the first one to finish and the winner of a candy bar.

Our makeshift power plant demonstrating what cooperatives do.
Describing what cooperatives do.

Don't touch downed power lines! You will turn to playdo.

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