Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 4th

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and it is a day of cookouts, fireworks, and of course bottle rockets and family fun. To me however, i look at it in a different way since our tour of Washinton. I enjoy all the fun with explosives and watching the fireworks shows but to me this holiday is more than that. Seeing Arlington, seeing George Washington's house and tomb, seeing the WWII, Vietnam, and Korea Memorials, and seeing our national documents in the archives i was struck with just how much this country has been through to bring us to this point. Wars, terrorist attacks, depression, tyranny, sacrafice, natural disasters, and many many other events occured on our soil. July 4th to me is not just a day to honor our freedom but to respect and revere the dead that made it possible. The men who brought us freedom back in 1776 were technically traitors to the tyranny of Britain and were risking their lives and families lives to bring us the framework of our country. Today we face inflation and recession and extremely high debt and gas prices. Yet i am not worried about it, this country has faced worse and has perservered so far. All it will take is a reduction in focus on differences and unification of our country for the greater good. Sounds easy but i know it isnt. I do believe though if we keep our focus on God and the betterment of each other we can reclaim this country's strength and stabiliy. Anyway i just felt like blogging this because the trip of a lifetime was amazing fun but it also made me think more on national issues. I am more aware of things in this country and i have more of a desire to keep this country going. I thank the co-ops for their financial support to send all of us because it gave us memories, confidence, awareness, and so much more that words cannot describe. I loved every second of the tour and every single activity we did.

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