Saturday, June 14, 2008

We won!!!

Teaching first graders electricity!!!! 
Talk about fun ;-) 

we created a great power plant to send elec to our check-box house. Fully equipped with a magnet, coil, and wind-blown lines. We even had a sweet dog named josh. great name. His owner's name was Billy. Another great name lol

Mr. Mike gave a great little talk about elec coops after and we learned even more. 
He told us about how the coops create electricity. 
Had a great time. 
laughs all around 

My creation mates: Sarah Stokes, Jordan Hammond, Tessa McCormack, Taylor Walters, April Kiehl, Josh Kroese, Chris Riley


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looks like you're having fun.
The Holcombs

Anonymous said...

WoW !! Looks like you all are having fun ! :-) I am looking at a future team of brilliant electic engineers I'm sure,,, esp. the one named JSH. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sweet as it comes. Keep on havin' fun, and don't get to many of those electrons flowin'.